Traveling in search of inspiration, we visited the best markets in the world: A Current Affair in Los Angeles, Rose Bowl Market in Pasadena, markets in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Tokyo. This experience became the base for the first KYIVNESS curated market in Ukraine.

KYIVNESS guests appreciate the unique and high quality items. OUR GOAL IS TO FIND them.

We carefully select vintage and local projects presenting clothing, jewelry, books, decor and food. Each event takes place in locations that reflect the spirit of Kyiv: countess Uvarova's estate, Small Mariinsky Palace, Ukrainian House.

During the two years of its existence, KYIVNESS has grown into a major progressive event, joined by media, lectures and a series of urban events.


KYIVNESS brings people together. We draw energy from the community, turning it back in the form of projects. Urban dances, perfume tastings, lectures or musical evenings. It's always something special.