Only Ukrainian version for now.
July 29
Getting ready for a summer booze: in the city or by the sea, on Reytarska street in Kyiv or on Langeronivska in Odessa. ⠀
June 28
Blitz interview with Olga Boncheva, the founder of OVERSIZED STUDIO
June 18
Katro plays her mixes from Tel Aviv to New York, creates podcast “Get High” on Radio Miami and lives in Kyiv near to Lvivska Square. Her music is a confident rhythm following the lifestyle: to play all day long at loud parties and small bars.
June 05
Bimini dancers and Chinese tea caddies in the collection of the FRAGILE STORE project.
May 01
Veranda tea ceremony, vintage, pilasters and garden lounge: baroque style celebration of the first year.
April 28