Ukrainian fashion week: Jewelry picnic with O'ernude
August 15 — 16
Villa Verde
102 Kyrylivska str.
12pm — 8pm
July 3-8
Cafe Charlotte
12pm - 8pm
Pop-up at cafe CHARLOTTE
Kyivness market edition, with a super selection of jewelry, clothing and, of course, your favorite personal collections. Gucci and Dior, summer selection for the promenade along the Odessa health route, vintage handbags for cherries, Maison Margiela geometry, silk and (sometimes) feathers for cocktails tasting. Vintage and modern jewelry corner curated by our project partner O'ERNUDE marketplace.
Kyiv Troyanda
2 Volodymyrsky uzviz
"TROYANDA" city dance
City dancing at "Kyiv troyanda" pavilion. Elegant romantic and hint of a sentimental mood. Dance with friends, loved ones. Dance with those you'll fall in love with.